A battle of marathon between persia

Battle of Marathon

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Greco-Persian Wars

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Battle of Marathon

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The Battle of Marathon took place in September BC on the plain of Marathon. It was fought between the Athenians and the abrasiverock.com was supported by a small force from the city of Platea. The battle was the end of the first attempt by Persia, under King Darius I, to conquer abrasiverock.com was part of the first Greco-Persian war.

The Persian invasion was a response to Greek involvement in. The Battle on the plain of Marathon in September BCE between Greeks and the invading forces of Persian King Darius was a victory which would go down in folklore as the moment the Greek city-states showed the world their courage and excellence and won their liberty.

The first battle between Persia and Athens is the Battle of Marathon. However despite that the Athenians are outnumbered two to one they have much better tools for war.

Persia and the Battle of Marathon

They have the hoplan which is a large circular shield made of wood and bronze and designed for the arm to go through in a steady way to create a great blockade for when the. The battle waged on the Marathon plain of northeastern Attica in B.C.

Persia and the Battle of Marathon

marked the first blows of the Greco-Persian War. With the Persians closing in on the Greek capitol, Athenian general. Greco-Persian Wars, also called Persian Wars, (– bce), a series of wars fought by Greek states and Persia over a period of almost half a century. The fighting was most intense during two invasions that Persia launched against mainland Greece between and Battle of Marathon, (September bce), in the Greco-Persian Wars, decisive battle fought on the Marathon plain of northeastern Attica in which the Athenians, in a single afternoon, repulsed the first Persian invasion of abrasiverock.comd of the hastily assembled Athenian army was vested in 10 generals, each of whom was to hold operational command for one day.

A battle of marathon between persia
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