A biography of jane goodall

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Jane Goodall Biography

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Childhood. On April 3,Valerie Jane Morris-Goodall is born in London, England to Mortimer, an engineer and Vanne, an author. Jane loves animals even as a child. Luigi Galvani was an Italian physician and physicist. One of the early pioneers of bioelectricity, he is known for his extraordinary work on the nature and effects of electricity in an animal tissue, which later led to the invention of the voltaic pile.

Observing Chimps in Africa. In Julyaccompanied by her mother and an African cook, Jane Goodall arrived on the shore of Lake Tanganyika in the Gombe Stream Reserve of Tanzania, Africa, with.

As a girl in England, Jane Goodall dreamed of traveling to Africa to study animals in the wild. In the summer ofher dream brought her to the shores of Lake Tanganyika, to observe the wild chimpanzees at Gombe Stream. Other scientists did not believe that a year-old woman could survive alone in the bush, but Jane Goodall did more than survive.

Jane Goodall was a pioneering English primatologist (a person who studies primates, which is a group of animals that includes human beings, apes, monkeys, and others).

Request Jane speak at your event. Jane Goodall greets just about every audience in “chimpanzee” for a reason.


She perhaps more than anyone on Earth is in a position to act as ambassador from one species to another.

A biography of jane goodall
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