Acid rains leaves a trail of devastation across countries

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Cyclone Winston leaves trail of devastation in Fiji

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Heavy rains on Wednesday continued to leave a trail of destruction across the country. More than 1, people were displaced after dams in Tana River County were submerged by. Cyclone Winston leaves trail of devastation in Fiji Officials in Fiji are desperately trying to implement relief efforts after Cyclone Winston ravaged the country a day ago.

Several people have been killed, and aid agencies say a health disaster could be imminent. When the pH level of rain water falls below this range, it becomes acid rain.

When these gases react with water molecules and oxygen among other chemicals found in the atmosphere, mild acidic chemical compounds such as sulfuric and nitric acid are formed resulting to acid rain.

Monsoonal Rains Leave Flooding and Devastation in Western Myanmar.

Daily Nation

Please consider how you might be able to donate to relief efforts in this devastated area. Please continue to keep praying for all those who are effected, and for those who are assisting with the response efforts.

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Acid rains leaves a trail of devastation across countries
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