Better wrong than rightb

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Better Wrong Than Right (A) and (B) (Giving Voice to Values)

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Why It’s Better to be Human Than to Be Right

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Microeconomic Laws of Demand and Supply

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Can Parents Observe Children’s Classrooms & Placements?

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Better Wrong than Right? Delivering the "Bad" Market Research News Under most circumstances Larry Rogers, Product Marketing Manager, would not have asked his product marketing team to change their market research results before reporting them to Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sean Morrison.

The V8 version accelerates well and tows a trailer effortlessly, noticeably better than the standard V6 alternative, but it gulps gas at an old-fashioned 14 mpg in routine driving.

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Jul 05,  · It’s Better to Be Rich Than Right. Also robot economists, M&A fees, jobs leaks and heat delays. Hey if anyone else has a story about a time they were right and David Einhorn was wrong.

Better wrong than rightb
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Quote by John Maynard Keynes: “It is better to be roughly right than precisely”