Cause effect of coral sea

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Tuvalu: Flooding, Global Warming, and Media Coverage

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What is coral bleaching?

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A Scuba Diver’s Impact On A Coral Reef

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Battle of the Coral Sea

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Threats to Coral Reefs; Effects of Coral Reefs Destruction; 1. Sedimentation. Sedimentation is not only can covering the coral reef surrounding but it can also changing the sea floor structure and affecting the coral reef live.

By the time goes by, sedimentation from any kind of substance will become harder and solid. See also: Ocean Sediments. 2. Cause and Effect Background Although it is possible for one cause to lead to one effect, academic subjects are rarely this simple.

One cause can lead to more than one effect, for example heavy rain can cause landslides and flooding. Divers need to be aware of the 'butterfly effect' they have on coral reefs - Credit: Ocean Image Photography.

Battle of Coral Sea

15 Causes of Coral Reef Destruction - Effects, coral reefs are indeed beautiful, home for a million sea creatures in the ocean, no need to destruct.

Reef-building corals craft their own homes from calcium carbonate, forming complex reefs that house the coral animals themselves and provide habitat for many other organisms.

Acidification may limit coral growth by corroding pre-existing coral skeletons while simultaneously slowing the growth of new ones, and the weaker reefs that result will be more vulnerable to erosion.

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