Character analysis of gregory house md

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How would you classify Dr Gregory House's personality

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Gregory House, M.D., is a protagonist antihero of the American health drama House. Portrayed by Hugh Laurie, the feature is a health genius, a diagnostician with specializations in.

Gregory House is partly based on the world’s most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, with whom House shares several character traits with. However, despite the striking similarities, many characteristics are exclusive to House, resulting in a unique individual.

Explanation of Dr. Gregory House Character Personality of House, MD edical dra a fro Fox etwork Under Neo-Analytic/Ego and Behavioral Perspectives By Ernst-Stephen Pompilus Adjunct Educator & Mentor Saint Paul, MN (USA) Abstract All eight basic aspect or theoretical perspectives of personality are important to explain personality.

Dr. Greg House in a nutshell can be described as an insanely genius, addict with intimacy issues and a problem with God. If I was pitching this character to a television producer I would say he is a mix between Batman and The Joker with a medical license. Batman is a skilled detective who succeeds by outsmarting anyone who opposes him.

Dr. Gregory House, the gruff medical savant in the eponymous television show on Fox, embodies at least two psychological universals. First, a chronic pain, like a trick knee, can mar your.

Gregory House, M.D., (almost universally referred to as House and rarely as Greg) is the main character and protagonist of the House series.

“House, M.D.”: An Appreciation and Analysis by Mario Sikora

He is portrayed by British actor Hugh Laurie, who is noted for his mastery of faking an American accent.

Character analysis of gregory house md
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