Chemistry flame test lab

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Laboratory Procedures

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Analytical chemistry

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Cigarette Smoke Test Kit

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Chemistry: Flame Test Lab Essay Sample

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Gas Properties

This lab contains all the necessary items to complete Exploring Creation with Chemistry's experiments. The first three items listed are necessary, but if they are already owned, household substitutes are given for the other materials. Flame Tests By: Jordan Anthony, Zack Balog, and Evan Degraw Regents Chemistry class, Union Springs High School, 4th period January 19/ The purpose of this lab was to see what colors are characteristic of particular metallic ions in a flame test and use their characteristic color to identify other elements.

The flame test is used to visually determine the identity of an unknown metal or metalloid ion based on the characteristic color the salt turns the flame of a Bunsen burner. The heat of the flame excites the electrons of the metals ions, causing them to emit visible light.

Every element has a signature emission spectrum that can be used to differentiate between one element and another.

Preservative Efficacy Test

Preservative efficacy test is performed to determine the type and minimum effective concentration of preservative required for satisfactory preservation of pharmaceuticals, food and biotechnology products. The preservative to be effective in the final packaged product should be.

Recommendations for Students and Parents. Chemistry can be a very challenging class for some of our students. We have a larger proportion of the student body taking chemistry.

This page describes how to do a flame test for a range of metal ions, and briefly describes how the flame colour arises. Flame tests are used to identify the presence of a relatively small number of metal ions in a compound.

Chemistry flame test lab
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