Digital media

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What Is Digital Media?

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Online Digital Media Degree

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Digital Media students learn to communicate and tell stories through art, motion, and design. In Digital Media, students learn to tell compelling stories through Animation, Game & Entertainment Design, and Motion Design.

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Digital media includes any format or device used to convey content using digital signals.

digital media

Simply put, when you talk on your cell phone, read this Internet article, or watch a television show, you are using digital media. Schools offering Animation degrees can also be found in these popular choices. The September 11 Digital Archive uses electronic media to collect, preserve, and present the history of September 11, and its aftermath.

The Archive contains more thandigital items, a tally that includes more than 40, emails and other electronic communications, more than 40, first-hand stories, and more than 15, digital images.

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Digital media Digital media
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