Etoys language underwriting agreements

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EBC I, Inc. v Goldman Sachs & Co.

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EToys IPO Suit Against Goldman Heads To NY High Court

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On April 19,eToys and Goldman Sachs finalized the underwriting agreement. eToys agreed to sell 8, shares of its stock to Goldman Sachs and the other underwriters for $ per share with the option to buy an additional 1, shares at the same price to cover overallotments.

The instant IPO was a firm commitment underwriting by which eToys, the issuer, sold an entire allotment of shares to Goldman Sachs's underwriting syndicate which, in turn, sold the shares to the public (see 5 NY3d at ).

This is an initial public offering of shares of common stock of eToys Inc. All of the 8, shares of common stock are being sold by eToys. EToys IPO Suit Against Goldman Heads To NY High Court finding no fiduciary relationship failed to consider other evidence in the case and instead "hinges solely on the language of the.

Indeed, “[c]ourts look to the parties' agreements to discover, not generate, The instant IPO was a firm commitment underwriting by which eToys, the issuer, the majority's analysis essentially hinges solely on the language of the agreement, which concededly does not set forth a fiduciary relationship.

The underwriters may, under specific circumstances, purchase up to an additional 1, shares from eToys at the initial public offering price, less the underwriting discount.


Etoys language underwriting agreements
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