European agricultural policy

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Common Agricultural Policy

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European Neighbourhood Policy

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EuroCARE Bonn GmbH

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Catch crops can reduce the soil nitrogen content in the autumn

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The project is interesting by the Commission in concluding collaboration with Member Follows following the last Commission Communication on Agri-environmental alerts of. This conference on biosystems engineering wants agriculture to add a valued contribution to a modern society of the 21th century.

We will therefore host engineers, scientists, industry people and practitioners to share and integrate knowledge and expertise from various disciplines. The Common Agricultural Policy. The EU protects its farmers and growers through its Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). European farmers receive CAP subsidies of around £40 billion each year, and these subsidies account for around 35% of the entire EU spending budget.

The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) is a foreign relations instrument of the European Union (EU) which seeks to tie those countries to the east and south of the European territory of the EU to the Union.

These countries, primarily developing countries, include some who seek to one day become either a member state of the European Union, or more closely integrated with the European Union.

Thinking ahead for Europe. CEPS is a leading think tank and forum for debate on EU affairs, with an exceptionally strong in-house research capacity and an extensive network.

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Catch crops can reduce the soil nitrogen content in the autumn Thursday 07 August A fodder radish catch crop sown before the winter wheat is harvested can mop up large amounts of nitrogen before the following crop of winter wheat is sown. 23/11/ - Le Plan Juncker et le fonds européen pour le développement rural investissent dans la région française de Nouvelle-Aquitaine; 22/11/ - Commission reports on development of plant proteins in the EU; 14/11/ - € million to promote agri-food products at home and abroad; 09/11/ - European Commission state aid decision to cover damages caused by wolves and .

European agricultural policy
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The common agricultural policy at a glance | European Commission