Hume on miracles

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Of Miracles

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Hume’s Critique of Miracles

There is, in Dr. Tillotson's writings, an argument against the real presence, which is as concise, and elegant, and strong as any argument can possibly be supposed against a doctrine, so little worthy of a serious is acknowledged on all hands, says that learned prelate, that the authority, either of the scripture or of tradition, is founded.

Michael Gleghorn examines Hume’s influential critique of miracles and points out the major shortfalls in his argument. Hume’s first premise assumes that there could not be miracles and his second premise is based on his distaste for the societies that report miracles.

In this section, entitled "Of Miracles," Hume argues that we have no compelling reason even to believe in miracles, and certainly not to consider them foundational to religion. Our knowledge of miracles derives exclusively from the testimony of others who claim to have seen miracles.

Since we. David Hume: On Miracles The Scottish philosopher David Hume () launched an effective critique of miraculous claims. This sceptical rationalism was a major challenge to religious belief throughout the later 18th and 19th centuries.

Philosopher David Hume's view on Miracles Summary We hope this summary of "Hume's view on miracles", and philosophy of religion has been stimulating and you continue to the next summary of the philosophical works of philosopher David Hume.

Hume on miracles Summary. Philosopher David Hume comes alive @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Enjoyable philosophy activities. A summary of Hume on miracles.

Hume on miracles
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