Maven war web resources overwrite a file

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(markt). My Resource plugin seems to see the correct files and says "copying x resources".

The Grails Framework

However, when my war plugin starts, it seems to ignore everything done from the previous plugin. I'm a newbie with maven and i would like to use multiple plugins for a single war archive.

The IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) plugin adds capability for managing deployments and resources on an existing WebSphere application server. Jenkins is an open source automation server.

is the first Jenkins LTS release that requires Java 8 to run. If you're using the Maven Project type, please note that it needs to use a JDK capable of running Jenkins, i.e. JDK 8 or up. Including and Excluding Files From the WAR. It is possible to include or exclude certain files from the WAR file, by using the and configuration parameters.

They each take a comma-separated list of Ant file set patterns.

Spring Boot Introduction + hello world example

The default resource directory for all Maven projects is src/main/resources which will end up in target/classes and in WEB-INF/classes in the WAR.

The directory structure will be preserved in the process. The WAR Plugin is also capable of including resources not found in the default resource directory through the webResources parameter.

Maven war web resources overwrite a file
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Using Maven profiles and resource filtering