Mother tongue pros cons

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Dear potential future parents, here are the pros and cons of having kids

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Pros and Cons of Having Multilingual Social Media Accounts

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Using students' mother tongue in the English classroom: pros and cons. 5. Average: 5 (2 votes) The mother tongue can be used to provide a quick and accurate translation of an English word that might take several minutes for the teacher to explain and, even then, there would be no guarantee that the explanation had been understood correctly.

Pros and Cons of Raising a Trilingual Child. Raising a Trilingual Child Is Not Always a Bed of Roses.

Debate: The pros and cons of youth

by Nathalie Vieweger I was raised trilingual from birth. My mother was Dutch, my father - German and the community language was (often) English. I am a TCK - Third Culture Kid. The use of the students’ mother tongue in the classroom – pros, cons & best practices #ELTchat Summary 20/03/ Where the young student Rafik, Zabbar, Barkat laid down their lives for their mother tongue.

Maximum freedom fighters of our liberation war were young. Young are confident and hard working. Mother Tongue is a common language that is freely and comfortably spoken by adult generation both at home and outside to their successor in a community and reflect one’s culture and ethnic backgrounds.

They do this by using the language in a way which is characteristic. So my advice is the PROS definitely outweigh the CONS if you want to have a child, but make sure to ask lots of questions to other parents / Drs, talk with your partner and get on the same page with roles and responsibilities and support each other.

Mother tongue pros cons
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