Mrs birling

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Mr Birling

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Eric and Mrs Birlings relationship during the play An Inspector Calls Essay

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Mrs Birling

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Birling saying this harshly to Eric show the shamelessness of his actions and how disgusted he is with him. Mrs. Birling’s trust is broken and also she has lost. Mrs Birling is presented by Priestly as the body of Capitalism – by portraying her in a negative light allows the reader to draw assumptions between the negative characteristics portrayed by Mrs Birling and the negative aspects of a capitalist society, which is what Priestly intended to do.

A full scheme of work with powerpoint presentations and resources. Lessons address the character of Mrs Birling, the play's structure and the theme of responsibility.

Mrs Birling doesn't develop, grow or change during the course of the play, out of all of the characters she is the one who tries to distance herself the most from Eva Smith. She is also keen to cover up any links between her and Eva Smith.

MRS B: If you think you can bring any pressure to bear upon me, Inspector, you’re quite mistaken.

An Inspector Calls

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Mrs birling
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