Ngo in bangladesh

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BRAC (organization)

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The Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh has established Bangladesh NGO Foundation to support the NGOs, with a view to associate the Non-Governmental Organizations in the process of achieving Millennium Development Goal.

Being launched as the UN-brainchild inNGO Forum had been involved as the apex networking and service delivery body of NGOs, CBOs and private sector operators in the WaSH sector of the years it has been contributing to the improvement of Public Health situation by reducing mortality and morbidity, and conserving sound environment.

The Rainbow logo stands as a symbol of quality primary health care services for the urban population in Bangladesh. Promoted through well-orchestrated campaigns both at central and local levels, this brand now links the health service seeking urban population, specially the poor including women and children, with the service centers of the Urban Primary Health Care Services Delivery Project.

NGO Sector in Bangladesh An Overview The social development scene in Bangladesh is characterised by a strong presence of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). All International NGO jobs in Bangladesh on, the search engine for jobs in Bangladesh. Non-government organisations UNICEF’s collaborates directly with international and national non-government organisations (NGOs) throughout Bangladesh.

Their partnership is essential to engage local people and achieve results on the ground.

Ngo in bangladesh
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The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL)