Non collusive oligopoly

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The following scheme of work offers a route through the aspects of the A-level course which are not part of the AS level. Consequently, it assumes prior knowledge and understanding of the AS level content and builds on the skills acquired in the first half of the course.


Collusive Oligopoly: Price and Output Determination under Cartel! In order to avoid uncertainty arising out of interdependence and to avoid price wars and cut throat competition, firms working under oligopolistic conditions often enter into agreement regard­ing a uniform price-output policy to be.

Why It Matters. Federal antitrust laws, most notably the Sherman Act, make cartels and collusive activity illegal in the United States. One of the world's best-known cartels is the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Cartels are most effective when the demand for the cartel's product is not very price sensitive. Information Exchanges Between Competitors under Competition Law The OECD Competition Committee debated competition aspects of information exchanges between.


COLLUSION: A usually secret agreement among competing firms in an industry (primarily oligopoly) to dominate the market, control the market price, and otherwise act like a monopoly.

Non collusive oligopoly
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