Performing arts coursework gcse

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Performing Arts OCR Cambridge Technical Diploma (Level 3)

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GCSE Dance

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Drama Coursework – GCSE and A Level Students (MU1 – Lunch Break) Wind Band – Performing Arts Students (MU1) Netball Training – Yr7 (Sports Hall – Lunch Break). All students will follow the two–year Core PE (incorporating a healthy active lifestyle) – non-accredited course, whilst in addition some will opt for either the GCSE PE or BTEC Performing Arts/Dance - accredited courses.

EdExcel GCSE MUSIC () There are 3 units: 1. Performance (you submit 1 solo & 1 ensemble) - 30% coursework 2. Composition (you submit 2 - 1 free & 1 to a brief that is released in September of Year 11) - 30% coursework. Spano, f. P. Preservice music teachers need to be sent with the performing arts, learning and assessment.

Illus. Schools serving polyethnic communities. Dec 21,  · Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Henry8th, Nov 30, Henry8th Hi all, I am having a little trouble just trying to get my head around exactly what Edexcel want my students to do for the Unit 1 coursework. GCSE AQA Performing Arts - Toot Hill School GCSE AQA Performing Arts!Toot Hill School Drama Department!

2 | Page Evaluation and Planning In the first part of this coursework .

Performing arts coursework gcse
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