Policy analysis on juvenile justice

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Policy Analyst, NCJJ

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Social Justice

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Arizona Criminal Justice Commission

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Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice: An Interdisciplinary Journal provides academics and practitioners in juvenile justice and related fields with a resource for publishing current empirical research on programs, policies, and practices in the areas of youth violence and juvenile justice.

Emphasis is placed on such topics as serious and violent juvenile offenders, juvenile offender recidivism. The Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) serves as the research arm of the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission.

The SAC was created to collect, analyze, and report on the state of criminal justice issues in Arizona by evaluating programs and policies as requested by the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission or required by statute for local, state, and federal criminal justice agencies.

Policy analysis. Promoting effective public safety interventions, CJCJ’s policy team conducts and disseminates data-driven research on local, state, and national justice policies and practices.

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May 09,  · What are Risk and Protective Factors? A risk factor is anything that increases the probability that a person will suffer harm.; A protective factor is something that decreases the potential harmful effect of a risk factor.

1; In the context of youth involved or at risk of involvement with the juvenile justice system, risk factors can be considered to be those conditions or variables associated.


Policy Analysis on Juvenile Justice Reform Within this paper the writer will be discuss the public policy on Juvenile Justice Reform. Within the paper the writer will describe the issue, tell if the policy a regulatory or legislative-initiated policy, and who initiated the issue or policy.

2 COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS AND JUSTICE POLICY TOOLKIT FROM THE UNIT DIRECTOR In recent years, policymakers and the public have been asking whether justice policies pass the “cost-benefit test.” Two questions drive this discussion: First, what works to re.

Policy analysis on juvenile justice
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