Quality of emba program

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Integrate Theory and Practice

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Online Executive MBA (EMBA)

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RN to BSN Online

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The Executive MBA Program

The Executive MBA with a Specialization in Healthcare Management online program is designed to offer working professionals the flexibility of online learning paired with value-added on-campus and international residencies. The Executive Masters of Business Administration Program at Auburn University (EMBA) helps executives blue-sky their career.

Find out how it can make a difference in your life. Each EMBA-Global Asia class brings together experienced managers, professionals and executives from around the world.

They are a diverse and highly engaged group of individuals who are working at the very forefront of the rapidly changing world economy.

The Smith EMBA for a Day is a leadership event where prospective students can experience the depth and quality of the Smith Executive MBA in a convenient, day-in-the-life format.

Fresno State

The Executive MBA program is designed to provide high-quality, graduate management education to mid-level and upper-level managers and executives. The program covers all functional areas of business management and will have an international focus in its course offerings.

The Executive MBA combines our award-winning MBA curriculum with added courses designed for mid-career professionals and entrepreneurs. With more group projects and exclusive access to global networking events, the EMBA connects learning to alumni and career opportunities.

Quality of emba program
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