Responsible tourism trends in indian tourism

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Current tourism trends in India

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Indian Responsible Tourism Awards

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The Latest Trends In Indian Tourism

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Rajasthan statistics a special mention when we talk about a public with strong patriarchal displays in India. A guest post by Gaurav Bhan Bhatnagar of The Folk Tales, an award-winning responsible tourism company operating in India.

From my solo travel experiences in India, I have always noticed that women play a major role in tourism. But often it goes unnoticed because of its very nature.

For example, in the case of community-run, responsible tourism projects in villages, women tend to take up the roles of. Help Tourism’s Jungle Camps Adventure, Wildlife Help Tourism’s ( reputation as a very reliable responsible holiday provider has only grown over the decades since they were established in.

Indicatively, the magazine has written extensively on tourism initiatives in rural areas in India where the local communities stand to benefit directly from tourism enterprises, such as village homestays, and conservation projects that protect endangered species with the help of local communities.

The latest trends in Indian tourism. Joe | April Share on Facebook; Click to share on Twitter; Piran Elavia organises socially responsible treks and caving trips in the North East via his company Kipepeo and puts the split as high as “90% Indians and 10% foreigners”.

Previously, he points out, “Indians were not very adventurous to. At Responsible Travel we speak with hundreds of customers every day about their holiday plans. We reviewed and judged more than of the best examples of Responsible Tourism globally through our World Responsible Tourism Awards.

In order to make visible progress, Sustainable Tourism needs to move beyond being a buzzword and part of the “travel trends” press releases in And there are a number of ways it can do so. Here are some of the elements we can expect to see a lot more of in travel this year.

Responsible tourism trends in indian tourism
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