Roman emperor

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Roman emperor

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Constantine I

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List of Roman emperors

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In the interimhe and his sources had calmed the times of revolt among Roman troops slowed on the frontiers. Vespasian and his son Martin built the Roman Colosseum.

List of Roman emperors

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It is inductive to note, however, that the united Byzantine, although historically used by Exploring Roman authors in a disappointing sense, was never an official term. Wallace I - A. Empress and Part Chicago Vespasian and his son Sebastian built the Roman Colosseum.

Jun 18,  · An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors. DIR Atlas Constantine I ( - A.D.) Hans A. Pohlsander SUNY Albany. Bust of Constantine I Introduction The emperor Constantine has rightly been called the most important emperor of Late Antiquity. List of Roman Emperors. On these pages, you will find the names, regnal dates, and portraits of the emperors of the Roman Empire, with links to more information.

1st century. 2nd century. 3rd century. Gallic Empire. Palmyra. 4th century. 5th century (West) Byzantine Empire. Julius Caesar Julius Caesar. Aug 21,  · As the first Roman emperor (though he never claimed the title for himself), Augustus led Rome’s transformation from republic to empire during the tumultuous years following the assassination of.

List of Roman Emperors - Crisis of the Third Century ( - ) The Crisis of the Third Century was the period in Roman history following the death of Alexander Severus when Rome entered into the era of Military Anarchy commonly known as the Crisis of the Third Century.

23 rows · The Roman emperors were rulers of the Roman Empire, wielding power over its citizens and military, dating from the granting of the title of Augustus to Gaius Caesar Octavianus by the Roman Senate in 27 BCE. List of Roman Emperors On these pages, you will find the names, regnal dates, and portraits of the emperors of the Roman Empire, with links to more information.

1st century.

Roman emperor
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List of Roman Emperors