Sophocless electra vs euripidess electra

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Sophocles vs Euripides

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Euripides' Electra (Ancient Greek: Ἠλέκτρα, Ēlektra) is a play probably written in the mid s BC, likely before is unclear whether it was first produced before or after Sophocles' version of the Electra.

Sophocles's Electra vs. Euripides's Electra comparison compare contrast essays. Essay about Sophocles's Electra vs. Euripides's Electra own versions of the Electra story.

The basic plot is as follows: Agamemnon is killed by Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus after he returns from the Trojan war to reclaim his sister-in-law Helen from the Trojans.

Sophocles's play deals with Electra's intense desire for revenge in the years following her father's murder. Sophocles's version of the Electra story was written around BCE, and it is difficult to read it without thinking of Euripides's Electra and the middle portion of Aeschylus's trilogy, the Oresteia, which recounts the same events.

Last Minute Tips for Your College Admissions Essays. Electra, as seen by Sophocles and Euripides, was a little bit different. Their treatment of her was not only brave, but also dangerous and necessary.

Rehashing a classic is always fraught with peril.

Sophocless electra vs euripidess electra
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