Standard bank of south africa

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Standard Chartered

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Standard Bank (historic)

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Overview. Standard Bank Group is the largest African banking group by assets, with a market cap of approximately R billion (USD23 billion), offering a range of banking and related financial services across sub-Saharan Africa.

Standard Bank was instrumental in Seriti Resources’ acquisition of Anglo American’s Eskom-supplying coal assets in a deal that is set to transform South Africa’s mining and energy supply landscape. A Covered call is a strategy whereby an investor writes (sells/ shorts) a call option over shares they already own to a buyer (in this case The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited).

Known as one of the toughest IRONMAN races in the world for its undulating, hilly bike course and challenging run course, the Standard Bank IRONMAN South Africa has become one of the most popular races in South Africa. Described as an honest course, this race provides a true challenge of any athlete's abilities.

Try our unique international accounts for regular transactions, available exclusively to clients of Standard Bank Private Banking clients in South Africa and Africa.

The bank was incorporated in London on 15 October as Standard Bank of British South Africa. It was formed by a group of South African businessmen led by John Paterson.: 3 The bank started operations in in Port Elizabeth.

Standard bank of south africa
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