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Silver Birch Class - Year 1A

Writing tasks. Rewrite sections of the dialogue punctuating correctly. Use of adverbs to describe the characters actions.

Write in the role of Bilbo either as a diary or a letter expressing his outrage as to what has been requested of him by Gandalf. World Book Day On Tuesday 15th SeptemberChildren’s Author Mac Barnett came to our school to talk to children from Sherington and Invicta about his books, being an author and the process of writing a story and getting it edited, illustrated and published.

Talk4Writing allows children to imitate any given text type, then teaches them how to innovate upon the structure before, finally, independently applying the skills they have learnt.

The oral rehearsal of a genre is supported through pictorial story maps which use consistent actions to allow children to memorise and recite the piece of writing.

Feb 02,  · This week in literacy we are looking closely at the layout of non-fiction texts. To help us we are learning a non-fiction text map about a new creature called a snoozcumber!

We used the text map today to learn facts about the snoozcumber and used actions to help us remember. Do you think you can remember.


Feb 07,  · Rachael December 30, at pm. This was very helpful, as others have said, I have rarely seen Talk for Writing planning written in detail, and as a newcomer to the program, which we are currently rolling out in our school, I am particularly finding the imitation phase difficult to plan.

Reception Imitation Children will imitate 6 fiction and 6 non – fiction will be taught using the agreed storytelling [ (key connective) actions.

The non – fiction texts will be based on experiences that the children have through their topic work e.g. recount, instructions.

Talk4writing actions by t
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