Westernization in india

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Short article on Impact of Westernization in India

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Essay on Westernisation in India (1600 Words)

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Read this comprehensive essay on Westernisation in India! Concept of ‘Westernisation’ refers to ‘the changes in technology, institutions, ideology and values of a non-western society as a result of cultural contact with the western society for a long period’.

How does westernization have an impact on India and it's culture? Introduction to westernization. Westernization is a process in which societies adopt western cultures in areas such as industry, technology, law, politics, economies and lifestyles, clothing, language etc.

I believe opinions vary from person to person. Here’s my opinion on the question: On a brighter side, 1. Gender Equality: This is definitely one of the major advantages. Let us accept the fact that women were not given the same respect/treatment a.

Jun 28,  · With the conquest of European powers and subsequent British rule in India has had a profound effect of western culture on Indian society. Western culture has made its presence in various forms. Westernization is defined as incorporation of the norms, values and culture of the west into our culture.

Westernization helped people to become self-independent, helped in empowering the women in India and also made people aware of the unscientific beliefs or superstitions and made them to think scientific. Moreover it provided strength to many people to follow their dreams.

Westernization in india
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